Exhibition “Web” at television (Culture)

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This video is about graphic exhibition named “Web” by Gediminas Bytautas. It was exhibited in 2015.05.14 – 06.14, at Novi Homines gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania.

The same exhibition also, was exhibited:

  • 2012.09.07 – 12.01 Kretingos rajono kultūros centras, Kretinga, Lithuania (graphics).
  • 2016.05.03 – 05.28 Girulių biblioteka-bendruomenės namai, Giruliai, Lithuania (graphics)
  • 2016.05.30 – 07.30 Lietuvos švietimo istorijos muziejus, Kaunas, Lithuania (graphics)
  • 2016.09.26 – 10.28 Kretingos rajono savivaldybės M. Valančiaus viešoji biblioteka, Kretinga, Lithuania (graphics)
  • You can read about exhibition here:

    About “WEB” – (In lithuanian language)

    Also, exhibition with moments, and pictures here:

    Moments of “Web” at Vilnius (In lithuanian language)