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The astrologer, fortune-teller is known to have studied parapsychology in Germany, improved shamanic skills in Altaic shamans, and managed the art of inspiration. For many years she has been practicing Tarot, astrology, extrospection, parapsychology, chiromancy, practicing various magic techniques, telepathy.


Fortune-teller: Spreads of Tarot, Le Norman Cards, Astrology, Business, Love and Success Magic:

Tell fortunes in Tarot, Le Norman Cards, RuneScape. Astrology, individual astrology according to the exact time of birth. Engagements, magic of business and success. Helping to solve family problems. Advice on homeopathy, herbal treatment.


Advice is given by appointment, on arrival, or through the facebook messenger. Prices are negotiable. Contact by phone: +370 609 77803

Arrivals in advance can be arranged: in Žemaitija – Klibiai (Klibiai – town in Lithuania), 3km, from Kretinga, to the side of Salantai. In Aukštaitija – in Petrašiūnai (Petrašiūnai – town in Lithuania), in the 14th kilometer from Jonava town, Bukoniai highway.


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