My own gospel (2007 m.)

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In 2007, the publishing house “Spruce” (originally “Eglė”) released the first poetry book of Gediminas Bytautas, named – “My own gospel”, (originally “Mano paties evangelija”).(

About “My own gospel” book:

Autorius: Gediminas Bytautas

Category: poetry

Language: lithuanian

Pages: 64

Cover: soft

Edition: 500 units

Publisher: Spruce publishers (originaly “Eglė”)

Published: 2007m. Klaipėda, Lithuania

Painter: Tautmilė Stanevičiūtė

On cover: installation of painter Jolanta Šmidtienė

Editors: Inga Matač, Antanas Stanevičius

ISBN code: ISBN 978-9955-54-246-9

For contribution of this book, the autor and publisher would like to thank Petras Černeckas and Darius Galdikas.

Publisher about “My own gospel” book:

This year, at the end of high school youth at poetry or with poetry have been living for five years. Rebellion against the community in one and in front of himself, crosswords of thoughts, charades of feelings – when you would write this, if not in young!

This poetry book you can buy:

This poetry book currently available at internet books stores, from publisher and from author. Read – in all major lithuanian libraries.