Odile Norvilaitė – Bytautienė was born and raised in Kaunas. Graduated from Kaunas School of Fine Arts for four years. She studied at the Institute of Decorative Arts of Ukraine, Kiev, Mychailo Boičiuk. Participated in group exhibitions since 1988. Personal exhibitions began to be held in 2003. In total, she organized nine personal exhibitions, the last Kretinga Valančius library. The astrologer is known to have studied parapsychology in Germany, improved shamanic skills in Altaic shamans, and managed the art of inspiration. For many years she has been practicing Tarot, astrology, extrospection, parapsychology, chiromancy, practicing various magic techniques, telepathy.

Fortune-teller Odilė Norvilaitė – Bytautienė:

Advice is given by appointment, on arrival, or through the facebook messenger. Prices are negotiable. Contact by phone: +370 609 77803

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